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The Schellenberg Family: Lifestyle Family Photography

This has got to be one of my favourite “photo sessions” to date.  Back in February, I had a draw on the blog for a complimentary “real” lifestyle session.  I met B at the Moms with a Camera club that I’ve been coordinating, but had only ever had a couple of conversations with her. She’s pretty awesome with the camera herself!  This style of photography was something that I had wanted to do for a long time simply for the purpose of learning and growing in my photography skills (and because it’s what I already like to do with my own kids).  Well, I think that it’s more than safe to say that if I ever decide to go into business with photography, this is exactly the style of photography that I would specialize in (even though David thinks that no one would be interested in this kind of session, my momma heart disagrees).

I LOVED it, as in over the moon, head over heels, heart singing, couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home, LOVED it.  Not surprisingly, this is where my heart is.  Capturing the beauty of family; there is not much better in my books.  I think that there is no place better to capture the beauty of family than in the home, it is by far the most intimate.  This is where we’re free to be ourselves and where there are touches of the personalities that live there.  The home is the most meaningful place and loved place for most of us.  Yes, the home has got to be my favourite photography location. This “session” was exactly what I had in mind and all that I hoped it would be.  I spent nearly four hours with the Schellenberg family, just documenting everyday moments; dinner time, play time, bedtime, etc.  I think I gave them direction/pointers no more than five times throughout the evening.  I just captured life as I saw it.

B and T, thank you so… much for allowing me to come into your home and capture your ordinary, yet extraordinary life.  When you look at these photos, I truly hope that you see how beautiful your family is and the emotions and love between you all.  You are blessed.  Yes, life and family aren’t perfect. However, there are perfect moments. The difficult part can be seeing those beautiful perfect moments amongst the chaos, find them and embrace them.  Being someone that truly values seeing mom in photos, I tried to focus a little more on B since she’s always the one behind the camera.   B and T, you have gorgeous children (I’m sure you hear that often), not to mention lovable!  I still can’t believe how welcome and loving your kids were towards me.  Anyways, enjoy!  If you prefer a slide show version, check that out hereI look forward to sending you the (rather large) set of images!

I had asked B to cook a meal while I was there, specifically one that was a special favourite for their family.  She wowed me by making homemade noodles with the kids.  It was AMAZING!!  Loved these photos.

Yes, probably way too many photos for a post, but considering how many I took and love this is the best I could do as far as narrowing it down, if you want to see more (but still not all of them), check out the slide show here .

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity Schellenberg family!


bea - i can’t stop watching the slideshow… surreal. can’t stop smiling. and sometimes crying 😉 THANK YOU, Shari! i feel these pictures are r-e-a-l, and have frozen this beautiful time in our lives.
these are going to be finding a special place in our home ASAP!

Sonya - Wow! Really beautiful photos Shari! I love this kind of session too.

Heidi Peters - Love, love, love…Absolutely gorgeous pictures…captured the family just beautifully!! Aunt Heidi

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