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Street Photography: Vancouver


Over the weekend, Sonja and I spent a night in Vancouver.  I was so long overdue for a girls weekend!  Most girls would probably want to go shopping, see a show, go dancing, etc.  Not us, we took to the streets with our cameras and tried our hand at street photography.  A purist street photographer would likely have thought of us as a joke with our DSLR’s.  However, we held true to the 50mm and faced our fears.  I felt so… out of my element.  At times I felt like I was all thumbs over my manual functions just due to sheer nerves and the unfamiliarity of it all.  But I recognize that it’s these types of opportunities that make us grow.

Why street photography you may ask?  This is so different than the style of photos that I normally take.  Well, I truly believe that it’s only a good thing to stretch oneself and learn different genres.  One of my goals this year is to get out of my comfort zone more often in regards to my camera and talk to strangers (so did this!!).  Street photography is all about the art of observation.  The ability to stand still or be a part of a group and yet be fully aware of all the details that are going on around yourself.  To look for the unexpected, to find unique locations and be patient for unique people to enter them.  I learned that the human experience fascinates and motivates me.  I am constantly drawn to emotion and connections between people.  These are beautiful, regardless or the person or whether I know them or not.  Street photography is an art form. And let’s face it, it was wonderful to have a break from photographing children.  I know that this experience will only help me as a photographer, especially in regards to environmental composition, photographing with black and white in mind, travel photography and the art of observation.

I have no idea what I’ll do with these photos, probably nothing. However, it was a wonderful experience in so many ways!  I am so thankful that everyone I asked, all agreed to let me photograph them as they were jut doing their thing.  And for those that didn’t know, well, I was just a fly on the wall.  Here’s a sampling of a bunch of my favourites from the day.

This was my first experience asking someone to photograph them. Actually went inside the café to ask if I could take their photo from outside.  Such great sports!


I loved looking for shapes and reflections.  And off to China Town…

In the evening we set out to get some night photos.  I have never had this opportunity, so I was pretty excited with the possibilities.  Thankfully, we met another hobbyist photographer named George that was taking photos along False Creek as well.  He let us use his tripod and shared some tips/ tricks with us. We were so thankful for the use of the tripod (without having to carry it around with us all day), since it allowed us to get these types of shots.  Thanks George!


Rebecca - These are great Shari! So glad you took the opportunity to get away with a friend and explore your craft together. Beautiful shots! (my favorites are the ones of Vancouver at night)

Anna - Great pictures 🙂 Love the night shots, that’s something I would love to try.

Elsie Rogers - These are beautiful ladies!!!

Sonya - Shari, every one of these photos is amazing! You are truly talented.

Rachelle - truly Breathtaking! You have such a beautiful perspective on life.

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