Everyday Little Moments » Oliver, BC Family and Children's Photographer.

Up and Over

Crazy wild beautiful moments with my family.  Not much makes me happier than listening to my husband and children laughing together.  Yes, the days are hard and long.  Yes, there is a lot of crying in our house and moments where it feels like we live in a zoo.  But then there are these kinds of moments where time seems to stand still.  When it doesn’t matter who was crying 5 minutes ago or what was just broken or the fight that just happened or the juice that was spilled on the floor (again), you get the idea.  Yes, these are the kind of everyday moments that make me smile, renew my joy in motherhood and that remind me why we wanted to have kids in the first place.  We are blessed.  These photos are not what I would call frame worthy, but they capture that wonderful sense of playfulness between my husband and children.  I hope that my kids always know how much their daddy loves them and how much he enjoys spending time with them (even when they were too little to remember).  Thankful for this today.


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