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Donna: Hawaiian Princess

One of my personal growth projects has been to practice taking portraits.  I believe that it’s a good thing to develop my skills in a variety of photography areas, since everything seems to build and connect with each other.  I put out a “model” request on facebook the other day and Donna sent me a message saying that she would be willing.  I was so beyond thrilled that she contacted me!  Donna just shared her “story” at our women’s retreat a week and a half ago and I was so touched and inspired by the woman that God has created her to be.  It’s funny, it seems that anyone by the name of Donna is truly amazing in my books.  I have been blessed to have relationships with several women that are old enough to be my mom (in all honesty).  We may not talk all that often, but you are very important people in my life .  These women continually inspire me, challenge me and model what a Godly woman should look like.  You amaze me with your compassionate hearts, faithfulness and willingness to serve others.  I can only hope and pray that I can be the same kind of women down the road.

Even though I have only known you for a fairly short time, Donna, you are all of these things to me.  You have experienced a life of ups and downs.  You have endured more than your fair share of challenges and obstacles in life.  However, you are a testimony to God’s never ending faithfulness and a life lived with joy for Christ.  It was a true pleasure and honour to take photographs of you. I had such a fun time with you!  I hope that these images show you how beautiful you are, not just on the inside but out as well.  You have such a genuine, warm, contagious smile.  The kind of smile that can easily light up a room.  I hope that you know that.  Thank you for sharing your heart and being an inspiration to me.  I am blessed to have you in my life.

Donna is an Hawaiian dancer, so of course I had to ask her to bring along her traditional dress so that we could capture some images of her dancing as well.  It was such a beautiful experience to see her dancing in the field!

She is so beautiful!

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Dawna - Beautiful… how wonderful to catch these moments..

Carrie - You have beautiful wrinkles Donna! Years of smiles and laughter! (and yes I really do love wrinkles!) The black & white images capture your beauty so wonderfully! I also love the coloured one of you lying in the grass and the one of you dancing with the one outstretched arm. Awesome job Shari!

Christine - Warmest eyes ever–and captured on film!

Donna - Thanks! Shari truly has a great gift for photography. It was so much fun!

Angie - Absolutely stunning photography of a very stunning woman! Donna truly is an inspirational woman and has blessed so many. Wonderful work!!

Marilyn - You have truly captured the beauty that is Donna. Thank you so much!

Janet Zarowny - What beautiful pictures of Donna! You’ve captured the sparkle that has always been in her eyes and the openness of her heart! Yes, she is a remarkable woman! She is my friend!

Romina - you look beautiful in every picture, you´re an amazing person and i´m glad i meet you, big hug!!!

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