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Grandma Turns 88

Yesterday we celebrated David’s grandma’s 88th birthday!  It was a big celebration with a large meal (too many courses to count), dancing, karaoke, etc.   We all had a lot of fun!   Grandmas is one of the sweetest little old lady’s that I know.  She doesn’t speak any English, but always smiles at me warmly, laughs and hugs me.  We’ve actually had phone conversations that have lasted for a good five minutes, her speaking Mandarin and me speaking English, dotted with bits of laughter.  She was the one that raised David and his siblings and is therefore like a mother to him.  We love you grandma!

Taking photos at the restaurant was more than just a little difficult, all indoors without any windows.  Ceiling spotlights pointing in all directions, little laser like lights randomly pointing around the room, not to mention all the red (colour casts, white balance, etc).  Oh well, I did the best that I could given the situation.  Thank goodness for the ability to set a custom white balance and manual settings.

Love how the above pic captures a moment between my sister in law, Rebecca and her mom.

The kids loved the dancing and pretty much spent the whole evening on the dance floor!

Sharing a sweet moment with my sweet boy.

Trying on auntie Anna’s dancing shoes. I love the way the Chinese culture has fun and all gets on the dance floor, no matter what your age.

Singing happy birthday to Grandma

All tuckered out after a fun celebration.

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