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A Day in the Life…Photo Session Contest!

You could say that I’m passionate about photography. I love learning, growing and pushing myself creatively (and technically).  While I’m not in business, I have been coordinating and teaching a local photography club for moms for the past year .  It has been such an honour to come alongside so many women and help them get better photos of their family.  At the beginning of this year I wrote out several photo projects to help challenge me and encourage growth.  My first challenge is to spend some time (aprox 3-4 hours) with a family, photographing them in their home, their everyday life.  I love taking photos in own home, however I want to explore natural light in another space, seek out creative composition in new ways, etc.  Here is where you come in!

I’m looking for a family that would love to have me come spend some time with them so that I can photograph their everyday little moments.  This is the style of photography that I love and makes my heart sing!   This is not your normal, let’s go to the park and take family photos, kind of photo session.  However, I will be sure to get some fun family shots in your home.

Here’s an idea of what the photo session could look like…

It’s a Saturday morning and I come to your home while you are all still in pyjamas (yes, you too mom).  You all casually get ready for the day and have pancakes for breakfast.  The kids play for a little while with their favourite toys.  As family, you may want to play a game together, bake cookies, go for a walk at a local trail, go on a little outing to your favourite shop, play in the backyard, etc.  Whatever you do as a family is special and beautiful.  That’s what I want to photograph.

The idea is that I want to capture regular life (hopefully a little more beautifully than you may see it).  Photos of your family together; not just pics of the kids, but of mom with the kids, mom and dad together, etc. The kids playing in their rooms, et.   Consider me the fly on the wall, capturing life as I see it.   I will give some direction and tips, however I want this to be more of a truly lifestyle photo shoot.  This is not meant to be for a special occasion (birth of a baby, birthday party, engagement, etc).  These photos celebrate normal, everyday REAL life. **You must live in the BC Lower Mainland area (between Chilliwack and Vancouver).

*If you’re into photography yourself, I would love to be able to chat with you about how I see your home, the light, etc as well.


What you get

A minimum of 25 edited high res images on a disc and a printed 16×20 image of your choice.


So.. are you interested?  I thought I would make this fun by having a little contest.

If you would like to be the family that I spend a morning with (or an afternoon), here’s what you need to do:

1.  Comment on this blog post saying why you would like to win. (Can be brief, just a sentence is fine)

2.  If you would like a second entry to this contest, share the contest on facebook with a link to this post.  Leave a second comment on this blog post saying that you did so.

The winner will be chosen by a random draw and announced on April 4th.  Be sure to like my facebook page so that you don’t miss the announcement.

Laura - I would like to win this because my favorite captured moments are those that are ‘real’, but I have such a challenge capturing them and being prepared ahead of time in order to have the camera and my hands ready in time to take the photos. I love your shots Shari and would love the moments of our every day captured by you!!!! Yeah for this contest!!!

laura balzer - shared on facebook! and the comment ahead of this one was mine…forgot to add my last name.

Melissa Toews - I would love to win to capture those everyday little moments that I try to, but sometimes miss! And to have someone else look at the light in my house and see if there are places I’ve missed and how someone else views the light and space! :). You do great work Shari!

Sonya - If I lived in the Lower Mainland I would be all over this. I’d love to see what you could do with a crazy family with 2 teens. 😉

Tecia Beulens - Would be so nice to win this package. Its been over three years since we last had professional photos done. 🙂 liked your page and shared. 🙂

Bea - What a great opportunity! A chance to have my family photographed – ALL of us, at the same time! A session of this nature would be invaluable to me! I will definitely share this on fb!! Thank you offering your gifts in such a wonderful way.

Heather Esau - I would love to win because sometimes we find it hard to take the pictures because we’re busy in the moment. Elias is growing so fast and I don’t want to miss it.

Emily Karmason - I would like to win this “day in the life” contest because I would love to have some of our regular family moments captured. My attempts to catch our day to day activities are held (and mostly blurry) on my phone– horrible I know. It looks like you do an amazing job capturing “moments” and though I’d love to win, I’m sure whoever gets this opportunity will treasure the photos!

Emily Karmason - Shared on facebook 🙂

Raine - I would love to win this because I want to remember this time in our life as beautiful! crazy, stressful, loud, and beautiful. With our demanding schedules and two small children it is easy to loose sight of the beauty of these moments. This would be a great chance to capture this time in our lives in a unique way. Life seems to be passing by so fast, and I would love to have a uniquely captured memory of life when our kiddos are small.
This contest is a wonderful opportunity to gain an insight into the “ordinary/extraordinary” moments of our family love. thank you for making this a possibility:)

Raine - Shared on Facebook 🙂

Rachelle - I love the special moments with my family that no one else see’s in our everyday life that capture our true selves. It’s the moments where my husband and I just look at each other and smile because our daughter has figured something out or learned something new. It’s the time that we spend together unaffected by the world around us. It’s when we are together and we are really ourselves. I would treasure those moments being photographed to look at for years to come. That is why I would like to win.

Rachelle - Shared on Facebook 🙂

Andrea Hoeving - I would like to win this because it would be fun to have you in our house, I’d love to have more of those moments captured, and I would be very interested to see how you work with the lighting challenges of our house!

stephanie friesen - I would love a photo opp like this, because, my boyfriend is away for the next two years, and getting snapshots to send him, showing him what life is like while he is away, is something I LONG to do… I also would love to have a few photos with my boys. Dogs, not kids. I am still single and have to wait to marry my boyfriend for 2 years, meanwhile, he and I talk about our little family all the time. We consider the dogs to be our family, nad he has welcomed them from the moment he and I met, that’s when I knew he was the one for me, when he referred to himself as “da puppa”, and I “da mumma”… I guess I just want to capture some of that love, and send it to him…

(shared on facebook)

Melissa - Shared on Facebook.

Bea - Shared on Facebook!

Lindsay - There are so many reasons why I’d love to win this! Like so many mums, I have little to no pictures of me with my kids! Capturing those little and special moments with me in them too, would be something I would cherish.
I would love to actually see how you would utilize the lighting in our house too…I seem to have my own ‘shutters’ on when I am taking pictures and I’m sure I’m not using my house to its advantage!
Thank you so much! Fingers crossed!!

Lindsay - Shared on Facebook too!

amy - I would like to win because I love the way you capture your family and I would love to see how you would tell the story of my family through your photography:)I’m also all about the unpolished beautiful every day moments. Also, im not quite there yet for tripod for taking photos of myself with my family and would love the opportunity to be captured more in the every day amazing moments with my daughter for us all to remember together 🙂

Amy - shared to facebook 🙂

Courtney Krause - I think this is an incredible photo shoot contest. I am very interested because documenting ‘real’ life is my favorite. But funny, the first thing I thought of was how my house would need to be really tidy for something like that 🙂 and sometimes my house is well loved and well lived in :). But I am still interested.
Thanks for extending this contest.

Courtney Krause - Shared on Facebook.

Laura Abraham - I would love to win this photo session as I feel that I often miss the everyday moments. I often think that I will one day miss the time when my son was small and how he interacts with us now. To capture not only the every day moments, but our house and space and how we currently live would be beautiful and a wonderful memory to reflect back upon in the years to come.

Laura Abraham - Shared on Facebook. =)

Joanne Haidle - I would love to be a part of a photo shoot like this. I feel like the everyday moments are the most precious and the ones we forget the quickest. I would greatly treasure having a day of memories for my scrapbook. And like many other moms, I have so few pictures of myself with the kids. The few I have are often posed. How precious it would be to capture everyone together during a normal day!

Joanne Haidle - Shared on facebook. 🙂

Carlie Botham - I think photos of the family taken in candid form are the most beautiful priceless moments that are not only timeless but make you ‘feel’ something. I am 27 weeks pregnant and in that ‘uh oh, am I doing enough with my daughter one on one before baby comes???’ stage. 🙂 I think my two year old daughter would cherish these pictures of just her, mommy and daddy before she becomes a big sister. Great idea and whoever wins this is very blessed!

Carlie Botham - Shared on Facebook! 🙂

Lisa - I would love to share a morning with you Shari. Your pictures are inspiring and I would love to see how you would take the photos and use this as a photography learning experience for myself. Using a morning with my family to do it is the best way to learn! Plus, there are never enough photos of us together as a family! Thanks for the opportunity:)

Kimberly Mogdan - Oh my I would love to win! I feel as though my kids have changed in their looks and personalities SO much since our last set of photos ( Fall 2012) I would love to see my kids through the lens of someone else! The candid photos are EXACTLY what I am after! ! Also shared this on FB 🙂

Anne Lamont - We have so few photos at home of all of us – usually one is behind the camera and while I love our action shots, as photographs they generally aren’t that well composed or lit etc. I’d love to see what someone else sees in our home!

Anne Lamont - shared on Facebook

Ebony kinney - I love this idea, and I am always behind the camera and very rarely in front of it. These are the types of photos I love, real life, non posed shots.
Also shared on Facebook

Karen - Love to have some photos where I am included:)

Jen Maarhuis - I love this contest idea, and would love to win for many reasons. I too would love some candid photos of my family, and with a newborn find it hard to do more than whip out my phone (camera) these days. Unfortunately that makes it almost impossible to be in any of those photos! I would also love to learn more about capturing those everyday moments in a photographic way that makes them last, and would love to see just how Shari does that! Good luck to everyone, and I’d love to see the results no matter who wins!

everydaylittlemoments - Contest Closed. And the winner is…Bea! (facebook share) Congratulations!

Michelle Mceachern - I would love to have our family photographed! Would be a great opportunity for me to learn from you.

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